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                2. Covid-19 Pandemic Update

                  Still delivering HP Parts amid Covid-19 Pandemic, shop with confidence!

                  Lexmark and HP New Oem and refurb parts
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                  3d开机号3d之家历史数据Purchase Options


                  Billing & Payment
                  We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. There are no credit card surcharges. Please be sure to provide the exact name, billing address, and telephone number as they appear on the credit card statement. Incorrect information may cause a delay in the time processing the order. Orders that are shipped to an address other than the billing address listed with the credit card company require a temporary, alternate shipping note added to the account. Applying this note may also cause a short delay in processing time, but you will be notified of this. This note is required for first time purchases only and is used to verify that the cardholder is placing the order. This is for your security. Please note that we will accept credit cards with verifiable account information with the Card Issuer. In the event that the Card Issuer is located outside of U.S., we may not be able to process the order. All transactions are subject to verification for safety and security purposes.

                  C.O.D Cashier's Checks
                  C.O.D Cashiers' Checks will only be accepted by our domestic customers. Please fax a copy of the cashiers check to (909) 539-4526 to have your order shipped out. Your order will not be processed without receiving a copy of the check. Please mail us the check as soon as possible; it must be present at the time of delivery of your equipment by the mail carrier.
                  We also accept cashier's checks, money orders, personal checks, money wires, and purchase orders. Certified funds and personal checks must clear before a product ships. Please contact our Sales Department for more payment information.

                  Sales Tax
                  Only Shipments to CA are subject to sales tax. If you are a reseller and would like to have your sales tax waived, please send us your reseller's certificate or permit through fax # (909) 539-4526

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